Brookwood Drive Bridge over Jacoby Creek Rehabilitation Project


Brookwood Drive and Jacoby Creek Road

City or County Responsible for Project: 

Humboldt County

Award Category: 

Bridge: Efficient and Sustainable Bridge Maintenance, Construction and Reconstruction Projects

Narrative Description Of Your Entry: 

Built between 1967 and 1969, the picturesque Brookwood Drive Bridge has served as the gateway into the Brookwood neighborhood for 50 years. The covered timber Warren-truss structure, with its signature red paint, crosses over Jacoby Creek near the community of Bayside in Humboldt County. In 2013, the Humboldt County Department of Public Works conducted a field inspection and bridge condition evaluation to determine what was needed to ensure the bridge would remain a safe way for pedestrians and vehicles to cross the creek for many years to come as it is the only access route into the community. The primary concern identified in the evaluation was the presence of wood destroying pests which, if not treated, had the potential to cause significant irreversible damage to the lower truss chords and floor beams of the bridge, which are important structural members. Other issues like paint wear, pedestrian walkway and railing deterioration, and needed roof repairs were identified as well. Rather than replacing the well-designed and constructed bridge which was built by Earl Biehn and Charles Roscoe, first head of the engineering department at Humboldt State, the County worked to preserve and restore the rare and locally significant bridge. Rehabilitation measures were identified as a cost-effective strategy and the County used unique design and construction techniques to complete the project. The project successfully navigated uncharted regulatory requirements as it was the first time a wooden bridge was fumigated in California. It also used compressed natural gas to maintain utility service during construction operations. The pedestrian walkway was restored to its original appearance while updating its design for current code loading and standards. The rehabilitation efforts for the bridge were completed in October 2018 by Quincy Engineering (Engineering Design Firm), Kernen Construction (Contractor), and SHN (Construction Management). The bridge should continue to serve the residents of Brookwood and Humboldt County for the foreseeable future.

Submitted by: 

Tony Seghetti


Deputy Director, Engineering


Humboldt County Public Works


1106 Second Street, Eureka, CA 95501





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