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City of San Jose

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The City of San Jose, Department of Transportation is responsible for pavement maintenance of the city’s network of 4,313 lane miles of streets. DOT plans, designs, procures, and delivers pavement projects annually throughout the City. The 2015 Arterial resurfacing project included fourteen major streets within the City of San Jose for a total of 28 lane miles of streets. The construction phase included pavement work, street striping and markings, traffic detection loops, retrofit and replacement of ADA ramps, and the addition of green bike lane enhancements. The construction phase took six months and consisted of multiple rehabilitation strategies such as cold-in-place recycling (CIR ) using the foamed asphalt technology and rubberized hot mix asphalt (RHMA) gap-graded as the final wearing course ranging from 1.5″ to 2.0″ in thickness. Using the CIR rehabilitation design, the City was able to reduce cost and include more streets in the project scope. Moreover, CIR reduced the user delay due to construction by eliminating hauling truck trips to the jobsite and the foamed technology allowed the City to open the recycled layer to traffic almost immediately after completion. The rubberized hot mix asphalt wearing course used in this project included at least 20% crumb rubber from recycled waste tires by weight of the asphalt binder and resulted in recycling approximately 91,000 used passenger tires as part of the pavement rehabilitation. For both the CIR and RHMA-G wearing course, City required a performance-related specification on in-place density. The CIR design for this project included recycling the existing asphalt concrete pavement to a depth of 4 inches, mixing the cold pulverized material with the foamed asphalt. Placement and compaction used a paver and multiple rollers to meet the smoothness and in-place density requirements of the job.

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Frank Farshidi


Interim Senior Engineer


Department of Transportation, Infrastructure Maintenence Division


1404 Mabury Rd. San Jose, CA 95133






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