North Fremont Bike and Pedestrian Access and Safety Improvements Project


North Fremont Street, Monterey, CA

City or County Responsible for Project: 

City of Monterey

Award Category: 

Complete Streets Projects

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The North Fremont Bike and Pedestrian Access and Safety Improvements Project transformed North Fremont Street in the City of Monterey (City) into a true multi-modal corridor, providing safe access to bicyclists and pedestrians on a vital link between residential, commercial, educational, and community facilities. This project is the first major transportation project to occur along North Fremont Street in over fifty years. Construction of this $9.4 million project involved included the construction of the first Class IV-protected bicycle lanes adjacent to the median with bicycle signals and bike-protected intersections in California. This design is aimed at users of all ages and abilities. This project promotes a safe alternative to driving on a corridor that carries an average of 32,000 vehicles per day and has a posted speed limit of 35 mph. The extensive pedestrian safety and accessibility improvements included new ADA complaint curb ramps, new Audible Pedestrian Signals and increased safety lighting. Long skewed crosswalks were eliminated by straightening and shortening the crosswalks though re-alignment. Consistent flooding on North Fremont was mitigated by storm drain improvements and the installation of storm chambers under existing sidewalk. The bike and pedestrian improvements in this corridor also serves the existing Bus Rapid Transit line providing a last mile alternative and seamless integration to biking, walking and riding transit. Another benefit of the project is the installation of fiber optic under the Class IV bike lanes which will connect all the signals and facilitate the installation of an Adaptive Signal System on this corridor. The Monterey Peninsula is a highly sought-after destination for local and visiting cyclists. The North Fremont Project is a catalyst for the Monterey Bay Region’s goal to connect and improve bicycle mobility. The project will provide a connection from the North Fremont Corridor to the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail, and the proposed FORTAG trail system to provide over 30 miles of bicycle network. In addition to regional connections, the North Fremont project provides bicycle connections to the Monterey County Fairgrounds, local neighborhoods and businesses along North Fremont Street. All of the items above were accomplished without the loss of parking or travel lanes.

Submitted by: 

Andrea Renny


City Traffic Engineer


City of Monterey


580 Pacific Street





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