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  • 2019 WESTERN REGION PAVING PROJECT: DILLON BEACH ROAD - Marin County Public Works has been using sustainable pavement preservation and reconstruction methods with noteworthy success since 2010. The central focus of the pavement management plan continues to prioritize pavement preservation with a worst-second approach. Roads that have deteriorated too far to be mended with preservation, are reviewed for ways to improve the quality of […]
  • Anacapa Safe Routes to School - Nestled along a busy corridor in the coastal town of Ventura, California lies a middle school named after Anacapa Island of nearby Channel Islands National Park. Anacapa Middle School serves grades six through eight for families living in the midtown area and with Ventura Community College located just a mile away on Telegraph Road, these […]
  • Bouquet Canyon Road - Los Angeles County Public Works (Public Works) rehabilitated approximately 6.5 miles of Bouquet Canyon Road (Project) in 2020. Bouquet Canyon Road is a north-south two-lane major highway that connects the Santa Clarita Valley with communities in the Leona Valley and the Antelope Valley. In addition, it serves as an alternate route for commuters traveling along […]
  • Bowman Road Bridges Rehabilitation Project - In 2020 Placer County completed a rehabilitation of the Bowman Road Bridges focusing on cost effectiveness, sustainability, and minimized community disruption. The Auburn, CA road carries traffic to a school and local businesses, provides access to I-80, and is used by cyclists for commuting and recreation. The two bridges, which cross UPRR mainlines and were […]
  • Building Better Road Program - The County of San Diego’s Building Better Roads program was established as a collaborative effort between local stakeholders including cities, agencies, private industries, and industry associations to identify innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable pavement preservation treatments that can be easily and efficiently implemented throughout the state. The Building Better Roads Working Group has become the centerpiece […]
  • City of Ridgecrest Slurry Program - As many cities experience less and less revenue for infrastructure projects, the City of Ridgecrest is not excluded. The City of Ridgecrest (population of 29,000) is a small town located in the high desert near Death Valley. We experience extreme heat in the summer and cold temperatures in the winter months. This extreme variance in […]
  • Federal Downtown Controller and Communication Upgrade Project - The Downtown Sacramento Grid, or Central City, is home to City Hall, the Central Business District, the new Golden 1 Arena, the County Seat, and the State Capitol. In addition to the visitors drawn to the State Capitol and surrounding attractions, approximately 5,000 employers and a population of more than 90,000 daytime employees generate tremendous […]
  • Flashing Yellow Left Turn Arrow Retrofit - In 2020, the City of Santa Rosa completed the Flashing Yellow Left Turn Arrow (FYA) Retrofit project which updated 37 protected/permissive signalized intersections with FYA assemblies within City limits. A FYA signal head is a four-head signal assembly that functions very much like a dedicated left-hand turn signal, with the major difference being a flashing […]
  • Folsom Boulevard Streetscape Enhancements, Phases I to V - Folsom Boulevard is a corridor with special historical significance to the City of Rancho Cordova (City) and the Sacramento region. Folsom Boulevard was part of the Lincoln Highway and the original route of US 50, and the main thoroughfare into and out of Sacramento, until the new freeway bypass was built in the 1970’s. Paralleling […]
  • Foothill Boulevard Master Plan Improvements Project - The Foothill Boulevard Master Plan Improvements project is located within the City of Claremont, in Los Angeles County. This is a complete streets project that was designed to improve the corridor by making it a pedestrian, bicycle, and storm water friendly facility in addition to addressing motorists’ safety and needs. This project is just over […]
  • Franklin Boulevard Class IV Protected Bikeway Project - The City of Sacramento and the City of Elk Grove teamed up on the Franklin Boulevard Class IV Protected Bikeway Project to implement bicycle and pedestrian safety improvements along the Franklin Boulevard Corridor while also performing much needed pavement maintenance. Franklin Boulevard functions as a commuter route and is the only continuous roadway connecting the […]
  • Fremont Street Low Water Crossing Replacement Project - In November of 2019 the City completed the Fremont Street Low Water Crossing Replacement Project. The Project is the 8th bridge project completed by the City with a total value of over $18 million. This Project replaced the low water at grade crossing on Fremont Street and Wilson Creek with a new bridge. The old […]
  • Fulton Road Reconstruction – Occidental Road to W. 3rd Street - The City of Santa Rosa’s “Fulton Road Reconstruction” project between Occidental Road and W. 3rd Street repaired approximately 3,200 lineal feet of 4-lane principal arterial pavement and associated bike lanes. This North-South arterial is separated by a landscaped median and sees a remarkable 25,000 vehicles per direction per day. Innovation and adaptability were key to […]
  • Gloria/Iverson/Johnson Canyon Road Pavement Reconstruction Project. - This nomination is for the recently completed $7.0M Gloria/Iverson/Johnson Canyon Road Pavement Reconstruction Project. The project was a unique collaboration between County of Monterey, City of Gonzales, and the Salinas Valley Solid Waste Authority. These roadways are the truck route for Waste Authority trucks between their Johnson Canyon Landfill and US101. Prior to the project, […]
  • Imperial Beach Boulevard Enhancement Project - Imperial Beach Boulevard serves as a primary transportation corridor from the I-5 Freeway and the City of San Diego to the east, to the Pacific Ocean at the westerly terminus. The Imperial Beach Boulevard Enhancement Project was initiated by the City of Imperial Beach to pay homage to its history as a Southern California Beach […]
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) – Phase V - The City of Santa Clarita is tasked with balancing and accommodating a variety of users on its roadway system. The City’s population has grown by nearly 50% in the last two decades, causing an influx of users and changing traffic patterns on City roads. Unlike other cities that have a traditional roadway grid system, Santa […]
  • Interstate 880 Northbound Safety and Operational Improvements at 23rd and 29th Avenues - I-880 is a major corridor in California’s Bay Area region, connecting the Port of Oakland with Silicon Valley. High traffic volumes, nonstandard geometry, nonstandard interchange spacing and short weaving all contributed to the deficient flow of traffic and high accident rates in the vicinity of the 23rd Avenue and 29th Avenue interchanges. Major project stakeholders […]
  • Italian Bar Road Bridge Replacement - The historic San Joaquin River Bridge on scenic Italian Bar Road was constructed in 1927 as part of the Big Creek Hydroelectric System. The bridge, located in Fresno County, spans what historians have dubbed “The Hardest Working Water in the World” due to the intricate multi-dam system used for generating electricity. Redinger Lake is part […]
  • Kirker Pass Road Northbound Truck Climbing Lane - Kirker Pass Road is an interregional route between Central and East Contra Costa County that serves as an essential route for approximately 20,000 vehicles a day, including 1,200 trucks. Due to the mountainous terrain with sustained grades greater than 10%, in conjunction with the high passenger vehicle and truck traffic, significant traffic congestion occurred during […]
  • Loomis Town Center Implementation Plan Phase 3 - The Town of Loomis initiated this project to support a walkable, pedestrian-friendly downtown, improve pedestrian accessibility and roadway quality. The project also supports positive impacts to the local economy and the community while preserving historic Route 40. Improvements included roadway, streetscape, landscaping, and drainage. Construction sites were evaluated to determine potentially significant environmental impacts; prepared […]
  • Orange Grove Resurfacing Project – STPL-5064 (088) - As an environmental steward, the City of Pasadena is aware of the need to Design and Construct Public Works projects with an environmentally responsible approach. Although, it is a challenge for Public Agencies to keep up with the demand for preservation to our roads, the City of Pasadena is constantly looking to implement more efficient […]
  • Outside Canal Bridge Replacement on Russell Avenue - The Outside Canal Bridge on Russell Avenue is located in northwestern Fresno County, approximately 11 miles northwest of the town of Firebaugh. The surrounding area is largely rural and agricultural, and Russell Avenue is a major connector to I-5 in the region. The western San Joaquin Valley has experienced extensive subsidence due to depletion of […]
  • Overlay and Slurry Project - The City of Santa Clarita (City) is the third largest city in Los Angeles County, and as such we strive to maximize our resources when managing our growing pavement infrastructure. The City employs a 5-year pavement management plan to strategize and treat our pavement infrastructure. A multi-year pavement management plan is based on current pavement […]
  • Ralston Avenue Corridor Improvement Project Segments 1 and 2 - The Ralston Avenue Corridor Improvement Project Segments 1 and 2 created more complete streets by improving bicycle and pedestrian facilities throughout the corridor while also rehabilitating pavement. These two segments focused on Ralston Avenue between Hiller Street and South Road, which passes through Belmont’s priority development area. Improvements were also done on connecting streets to […]
  • Rio Linda Boulevard Bridge Replacement and Main Avenue Realignment Project - The existing Rio Linda Boulevard Bridge over Magpie Creek, constructed in 1937, was a four-span reinforced concrete slab bridge carrying two travel lanes. The bridge was structurally deficient and functionally obsolete due to a lack of shoulders/bike lanes, sub-standard railing, and poor approach geometrics. Immediately north of the bridge was the all-way stop controlled Rio […]
  • Seaside Pavement Rehabilitation Project - The Seaside Pavement Rehabilitation Project was a $9 million project that included pavement rehabilitation of approximately 49,500 linear feet of streets and roads throughout the City of Seaside. The design was performed in two phases and included improved drainage and ADA facilities for several areas. The initial phase included less complex improvements to the roadways […]
  • Second Street Streetscape Improvements Project - Second Street rests in the heart of downtown San Francisco, connecting Oracle Park, home of the San Francisco Giants, to the bustling historic Market Street and Financial District. Once a hilly stretch of land, the city excavated and graded the street in the 1860s to ease the strain on horse transportation and create a more […]
  • Shell Beach Streetscape Project - The Shell Beach Streetscape is an 18 block long Complete Streets project improving safety and livability in the community for users of all ages and abilities by reconstructing the roadway, increasing lighting and landscaping, adding an 8-foot-wide multi-use path to accommodate bicycles and pedestrians, and painting sharrows in the traffic lanes. The improvements included sidewalk […]
  • Telegraph Avenue Paving and Lane Conversion Project - Telegraph Avenue is a 4.5-mile street that begins in the historic downtown district of Oakland, Calif., and ends at the southern edge of the University of California, Berkeley. Between 42nd and 52nd Streets, the busy corridor is home to numerous businesses, shops, restaurants and residences within the Temescal District commercial area and sees heavy auto, […]
  • Temescal Canyon Road Widening Project – Dawson Canyon and Dos Lagos Segments - Temescal Valley, a mostly rural unincorporated area, is located on the west edge of the County of Riverside between the cities of Lake Elsinore and Corona, approximately 50 miles southeast of Los Angeles. Interstate 15 running through this narrow valley serves as a transportation corridor for regional commuter traffic originating from bedroom communities as far […]
  • The Antioch Cape Seal 2020 Project (P.W. 392-31) - Over the last few years, the City of Antioch has been leveraging Measure J Funds and a CalRecycle Grant to provide cost-effective pavement preservation treatments to extend deteriorating roads’ life expectancy. In response to The Globe Warming Solutions Act (AB32) and due to limited budget, the City has developed a sustainable approach to (1) focuses […]
  • Third Street Bridge Rehabilitation Project - The Third Street Bridge, also known as the Francis “Lefty” O’Doul Bridge, crosses over Mission Creek Channel and links the South of Market and Mission Bay neighborhoods in San Francisco’s Eastern Neighborhoods Planning Area. At approximately 295-foot-long and 80-foot-wide, Third Street Bridge spans the Mission Creek Channel and provides five lanes of traffic and pedestrian […]
  • Upper Haight Transit Improvement and Pedestrian Realm Project - Vision This Public Realm Plan lays out a vision for Haight Street and provides a design framework for the corridor, for key intersections, and for specific streetscape elements. The Haight Ashbury Merchants Association’s (HAMA) developed a list of improvements for the Haight Ashbury neighborhood in 2011. This interest served as the basis for the public […]
  • Walnut Avenue Protected Bikeway - The City of Fremont made a commitment to prioritize roadway safety and promote transportation mode shift by adopting its Vision Zero program in 2015 and its Mobility Action Plan in 2019. The City’s recently constructed Walnut Avenue Bikeway Improvements project is a direct result of these two programs. Identified as a high priority bikeway through […]
  • Yerba Buena Road Improvements–Challenges at Every Turn! - Yerba Buena Road Improvements—Challenges at Every Turn! The County of Ventura Public Works Agency tackled a challenging goal in 2019 and 2020—to improve road safety and rehabilitate 15 miles of winding roads in the Santa Monica Mountains near Malibu in steep, rugged terrain. To improve safety, new guardrails were installed at 35 hazardous locations. To […]
  • York Street Regional Bus Facility Expansion - The York Street Regional Bus Facility is an extension of the Vallejo Transit Center (VTC) funded through the Transit and Intercity Rail Program (TIRCP) 2018. It is a multi-modal facility adjacent to the San Francisco Bay Ferry Terminal in Vallejo and will accommodate increased local and regional bus service. In partnership with Solano County Transit […]

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