Various locations in the unincorporated areas of the County of San Diego

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County of San Diego

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The Federal Highway Bridge Program funds projects that extend the life of bridges on public roads through its Bridge Preventive Maintenance Program. The program includes inspection of all bridges and identification of needed repairs. Then a priority list is established and projects are generated from the priority list. The Department of Public Works’ Bridge Preventive Maintenance projects addressed preventive maintenance needs for 15 bridges in unincorporated areas of the County. Preventive maintenance activities typically result in reducing water infiltration into the bridge structure, thereby protecting bridge structural elements, slowing deterioration, and installing erosion countermeasures. The work included patching concrete, sealing the bridge deck, removing and replacing pavement adjacent to the bridges and repairing bridge railings. See attached priority list for completed projects including before and after pictures of some of the bridges.

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Nael Areigat


Project Manager - Public Works


County of San Diego Department of Public Works


5500 Overland Avenue, Suite 320, San Diego, CA 92123; Mail Stop O340


(858) 694-2815