Bartlett Springs over Cache Creek Bridge Rehabilitation


West of Indian Valley Reservoir Near Hough Springs at Cache Creek Bridge

City or County Responsible for Project: 

Lake County

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Bridge: Efficient and Sustainable Bridge Maintenance, Construction and Reconstruction Projects

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In 2019, MGE was issued a 3-year (with 2 option years) contract to provide construction management services as required for replacement or rehabilitation of County bridge projects. Federal Highway Bridge Program (HBP) and Toll Credit funds are being used for the bridge projects. MGE recently completed the following project under this contract:
The Bartlett Springs over Cache Creek Bridge Rehabilitation Project was a maintenance project to replace the existing coating system with a new structural steel coating system. Significant pack rusting of the existing 183-foot-long, built-up steel superstructure necessitated a Feasibility Study and Life Cycle Cost Analysis by Caltrans to evaluate the overall cost of rehabilitation vs. replacement. It was found that the bridge could be rehabilitated. General work includes: Removal of existing lead-based paint coating and replacement with a nonhazardous paint coating. MGE provided construction management and inspection services in accordance with Caltrans procedures and requirements for the project. Inspection services were done at completion of pressure washing, completion of surface preparation (Blast Coating), and completion of primary and finish coatings.
The project suffered from a delayed start to the 2020 construction season and was suspended to restart in Spring 2021 because statewide and local fires impacted the availability of rental equipment, and materials from Japan were delayed due to COVID19 import restrictions. Due to access road condition, material delivery, paint removal/paint containment system and hazardous waste removal from the site required extra lead time. Construction activities for this project were challenging in that the project is located in a very remote location with no cell service or wi-fi connectivity, the nearest gas station/services are nearly 2 hours from the site, and response from law enforcement/emergency services was hindered.
Although the project was issued in the year of the COVID19 pandemic, and presented multiple challenges, MGE was able to safely provide the requested construction management services and construction was completed in 2022

Submitted by: 

David Bingham or John Everett PE


Engineering Technician II (David), Associate Civil Engineer (John)


Lake County Department of Public Works


255 N Forbes St Ste 3, Lakeport, CA 95453


(707) 263-2341



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