• Ortega Ridge Mechanically Stabilized Tire Aggregate Wall - Santa Barbara County Public Works reconstructed a failed roadway embankment using recycled tires for the Ortega Ridge Road Slide Repair project. Public Works restored an unsafe road and diverted over 80,000 tires from California’s landfills in the form of Tire-Derived Aggregate (TDA) fill. This pilot project, a partnership between the State of California (CalRecycle) and […]

Bridge: Efficient and Sustainable Bridge Maintenance, Construction and Reconstruction Projects:

  • San Lorenzo River Parkway Phase III/Trestle Trail Project - Before May 2019, Santa Cruz cyclists and pedestrians had only a 4-foot wide walkway to cross the Railroad Trestle Bridge—a core City pathway. Thanks to the completed San Lorenzo River Parkway Phase III/Trestle Trail Project, they now have a 10-foot wide ADA compliant “Trestle Trail” providing improved safety and convenience. It is increasing active transportation […]

Complete Streets Projects:

  • Mission Boulevard Corridor Improvements Phase 2 - Mission Boulevard Phase 2 is a Complete Streets project to improve multi-modal access and is part of a three-phase improvement to a major north-south arterial corridor. Extending over 7-1/2 miles within the City of Hayward, the Mission Boulevard (Formerly Route 238) Corridor Improvement Project is the largest capital improvement initiative in the City of Hayward’s […]

Roads: Efficient and Sustainable Road Maintenance, Construction and Reconstruction Projects

  • Tomorrow’s Paving Today - Yuba County leveraged future SB1 dollars to perform four years of road fixes in a single summer with savings to repair 30 percent more roadways. Since 1994, Public Works has had to rely almost solely on Highway Users Tax (gas tax) revenues, a source that was inadequate even when it was established 25 years ago, […]

Safety or Intelligent Transportation System Projects

  • GiveMeGreen! - GiveMeGreen! is a free smartphone application developed in partnership with Sensys Networks that allows bicyclists to be detected as they approach an intersection. By integrating the new technology into the existing traffic signal and adding dynamic signage to inform drivers and cyclists when the system is activated, the City has provided an innovative, cost effective […]