Citrus Heights, CA

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City of Citrus Heights

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The City of Citrus Heights (City) adopted an updated General Plan and Environmental Impact Report in 2011 that addressed sustainability topics including complete streets. The City incorporates the complete streets philosophy into all construction projects. Mobility for all users of the transportation network – autos, transit users, bicyclists, and pedestrians of all ages and abilities – is an important issue for city residents. Revitalization and beautification adds to the City’s economy by increasing business activity. The Auburn Boulevard Complete Streets Revitalization Project-Phase I represents an innovative approach by the City to improve access and safety for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists and achieve the City’s sustainability goals while addressing the concerns of the business owners along the corridor. Auburn Boulevard is home to more than 200 businesses and serves as a vital retail node and transportation link in the City. The street’s significance has changed over the years. Forty-five years ago, Auburn Boulevard was part of the Old U.S. 40 east-west route. With the construction of Interstate 80 in the late 1950’s, Auburn Boulevard’s regional significance changed to that of being a commercial corridor serving the local community’s needs and connecting Interstate 80/Roseville in the north and Sacramento County in the south. A significant amount of traffic utilizes Auburn Boulevard to access Interstate 80 in addition to local destinations. Prior to this project, Auburn Boulevard was two lanes in each direction with numerous driveways for businesses, inadequate width for bicycles and sidewalks that were in poor condition. Insufficient width at the intersection of Auburn Boulevard and Antelope Road caused significant traffic delays. The recently completed Phase I of the project extends from Sylvan Corners to Rusch Park. Extensive outreach to residents and business contributed to the improved character and functionality of the Boulevard. Safety and aesthetics were improved with a landscaped buffer between the roadway and sidewalk, bike lanes and widened sidewalks, and installation of 100 energy-efficient decorative street lights. Innovations included undergrounding the overhead utilities, interconnecting traffic signals to the city’s traffic management system and using drought tolerant landscaping. The project further improved safety by reducing turning conflicts with a raised center median with left turn pockets. The Phase I project provides a model for the remainder of the Auburn Boulevard Revitalization and other Complete Streets projects to follow. The project improved the quality of the local road system in a cost-effective manner while preserving and enhancing the environment. The project demonstrates an effective collaboration with business owners, community members and the pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle users for the benefit of all.

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Kevin Becker


Principal Civil Engineer


City of Citrus Heights


6237 Fountain Square Drive, Citrus Heights, CA 95621