22 various streets within two residential neighborhoods

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City of La Verne

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This neighborhood happens to be at the bottom of the mountains/hills and has a high ground water table. From past and very costly experiences, we have learned that we can not open the street to expose base as heavy equipment running over the base would cause ground water to percolate up through the soil causing the project budget to triple. In an attempt to save money the project was broken up into two bids. One was for the ARAM/Slurry Seal and the other was for the cold mill and overlay. Thus, we had to come up with a strategy that would deliver years of pavement life, improve ride quality, esthetically pleasing and deliver the most bang for our buck. The scope of work for 8 of the 22 streets were to cold mill the entire pavement area one and a half inches, place 3/8″ Asphalt Rubber Aggregate Membrane (ARAM) and cap with one and a half inches of asphalt. The remaining 14 streets received selective cold mill and replacement, ARAM and a 2.5 % latex type II slurry seal. With this strategy, as opposed to a complete reconstruction we saved approximately $300,000 and diverted nearly 3,500 tires from the landfill. This process was very effective, quick, painless and delivered a quality project that the community is very pleased with.

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Anthony Ciotti


Maintenance Manager


City of La Verne


3660 D Street


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